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Flexiteam Computer Services was founded on the principle of Satisfaction.  While most companies are overly focused on profitability and ROI, our President and CEO stresses the importance of Customer and Employee Satisfaction. 

His philosophy is simple:  If you can keep your customers satisfied and your employees happy, you can achieve the financial results you desire.  While this may be a unique approach to running a business, it has served us well for over ten years.  Each year we have been able to expand our customer base, grow our employees and improve our financial performance.

One of our core competencies is Flexibility.  Flexiteam has been distinguished as one of the top practitioners of workplace flexibility in the nation.

We remain adaptable to the ever-changing marketplace by adding and strengthening technical practice areas and encouraging education and training among our staff so that we can meet the challenges of our customer environments.  We accommodate the busy lifestyles of our employees with variable work schedules to create balance between home and work.  As a family-friendly employer, Flexiteam sponsors a customer appreciation event every year and provides a generous and competitive benefits package for our employees.

If you are interested in learning more about our company or the positions we have available, please contact leekwang@flexiteam.com.my.

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