Flexi Visitor Management System

  Flexi VMS is an Electronic Visitor Management System.  

It is using IRIS MyKad to keep track of visitor coming in and going out of the premises.With Flexi VMS be able to improve visitor registration process & aslo be determine 4Wís. (Who is visitor, When the visitor In/Out, Where the visitor Go and What the reason visitor visit)

Flexi VMS utilizes the latest technology which can enhance the security in the facility premises & Flexi VMS will create great first impression to visitor/ customer and enhance the corporate image

FlexiVMS act as a good helper for Admin and HR department people which can track the staffs' appoitment and leave. With the advanced technology which can increase the security level for the premises.

  Feature of FlexiVMS system:  
Support MyKad reader. Able to read particular data & picture from MyKadStaff Log In control
Support Web Cam. Able to take photo from Web cam for Non Malaysian citizen
Convert customer data (Staff, Visitor, Visitor Company, etc) into FlexiVMS database. By using CSV Porter convert tool, customer can save the data type as *.csv.
Multi user and networking environment
Minimize typing error / human mistake. Maximize data accuracy
Customize Visitor Form. And able direct print out after Sign In
Appointment Registration
Ease of deployment
Leave Schedule Tracking
Staff Log In control
User-Friendly Interface Design
Bahasa Malaysia and English Version
Barcode scanner to read the Singapore I.C number
Block and Un-Block Visitor Function
Black Listed Visitor Function

  Benefit of FlexiVMS system  


IRIS My-Kad Technology:
Using IRIS MyKAD reader to read personal details in the MyKAD & enhance the coporate image
Quick and accurate way to verify visitorís identity & increase security level

Ease of Management:
FlexiVMS easy, fast and highly secure method to sign in/out the visitor & also minimize processing time & human error
Pre-register Appointment for Visitor & Staff Leave tracking
VMS system will automatically record visitor In/Out & list out history transcation
Flexible and comprehensive reporting (eg. Export to Excel/Pdf files & also can cutomize reports)
User friendly interface design

Act of Management:
Help Admin and HR department people to tracking and monitoring visitor movement
Block black listed visitor to entrance the premises

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