Hire Purchase

  FLEXI Hire Purchase and Motor Stock System  

In 1990, Flexi Team developed the Hire Purchase Software for Motor, Electrical & Furniture shops and todate, more than 150 copies have been sold.  In the year 2003, the R & D team was formed to explore and implement changes in IT technology & future software expandability for the upgrading, improvement and enhancement of the Hire Purchase Software. 

Following are the features for FLEXI Hire Purchase Motor:
Fully 32bit Windows Integrity
SQL Database
* Multi Branch
* Motor Stock
Posting to UBS Accounting
Link to CTOS
Record Hirer Loan Particulars
Auto Calculate Finance Charge & Overdue Interest
Auto Generate Reminder, 4th Schedule, Final Notice, Repossession and 5th Schedule
Print Finance Agreement Form
Tight Security User Access Level Control
Audit Trial Report
Report Writer

* For FTMM only

  Additional Modules:  
MyKad Reader
SMS Center
Runner Control
Block Finance
Insurance & Road Tax

Multi branches can be supported through a Terminal Server.

Flowchart of the Hire Purchase System

  FLEXI MyKad Reader Program  

With the Malaysian Government promoting on E-economy, Flexi Team had integrated MyKad’s hard and software into our products line. 

FLEXI MyKad Reader Program can perform the following functions:
Able to read MyKad Personal Information, JPJ Information and Photo
Able to link with FTHP/FTMM customers database
Able link to UBS/PayFlex Payroll System for updating Personal Information & inserting photo
  FLEXI SMS System  
With FlexiSMS system, it can enabling SMS channel into your corporate network in automating standard business processes, such as sales force automation, support escalation, customer account query, and etc.
Not like other SMS solution, FlexiSMS work with gsm modem directly and this provide greater flexibility and economic solution.
The SMS solution is ideal for business - restaurants, travel agencies, education industries, logistic companies, insurance agencies, club, beauty, healthcare and etc. For Personal - birthday alert, wedding alert, baby full moon alert, family meeting, and etc.

Mobile text messaging software allows you to send unlimited numbers of text messages from your personal computer to mobile phones.
Similarly sends targeted SMS, event notification, promotional or marketing campaign, job alert notification and more.
Able to link to Flexi Hire Purchases (FTHP) & Flexi Motor Management System (FTMM) to send HP Installment Reminder Letter,Reminder for Renewal of Insurance and Road Tax, and etc.
It also enable for customers to link to FTHP/FTMM to check on their outstanding balances.

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