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The natural evolution for every business is, of course, to progress and grow in size. However, more business owners these days are finding it hard to find a balance between operational costs and expansion while in the process of moving forward. Understanding these needs, Sage UBS nine (Version 8) is introduced as a business management software that aims to lower operational cost and reduce risk for a more profitable and sustainable business.

Sage UBS nine is divided into two modules; the first being the Accounting module, which comes with all the basic accounting functions, such as cash flow management, accounting processes, multi-currency, budgeting and accounts consolidation, to name a few.

The second module, Inventory and Billing, offers management of inventory, purchase process, sales and price, amongst other features.

The incorporation of Electronic Credit Card Transfer Terminal (ECCT), which accepts payments from ATM, debit and credit cards, also enables data to be transferred automatically upon processing to reduce the likelihood of human errors.

As an instrument of growth, Sage UBS nine supports up to 10 concurrent users and unlimited number of administration (companies). Sage UBS nine Accounting module single user license is priced at RM1,288*. And Sage UBS nine Accounting + Billing module single user license is priced at RM1,488*. And Sage UBS nine Inventory & Billing single user license is priced at RM1,488*, As your business steadily grows, you have the option of expanding your user base at RM450* per user.


Sage UBS products are configurable from the aspect of modules and additional users. Do find below a table of the Suggested Retail Prices of the products.

Up to 2 companies


Cash Management

Purchase Invoices

Basic Accounting

Basic Inventory

RM 698

Single User Only

Unlimited Companies

Sales Orders

Purchase Orders

Cash Management with Cheque Processing & Bank Reconciliation

Full Accounting



Inventory Management

RM 1,488 per module | Accounting

RM 1,688 per module | Accounting & Billing

RM 1,688 per module | Inventory & Billing

RM 550 per user

Up to 10 users

Employee Login