CCTV System

In today’s uncertain times, many organizations in banking, retail, transportation, public safety/law enforcement, and education want to take advantage of technologies that can enhance safety and protect their people, assets, and facilities.

Flexi Team Setup up an division to specially handle today market security needs. Our Digital Surveillance System is an advanced E-management / E-Security Surveillance System that does much more than the conventional Securities offer. You may record the video into the Harddisk in your computer or through Network. It can send message to your handphone when it detect a motion.

Ideal for:
Store, Office, factory and house securities
Housemaid / childcare monitoring
Retail Outlet / warehouse monitoring
Property Surveillance

Systems features:
Intelligent Motion Detection
Support up to 16 camera, Incl PTZ control.
Recyclable & Long Recording
Remote Viewing & Recording through Normal Telephone line, ADSL, LAN and Internet.
Multilevel Password Protection
Emergency Motion Detection callout to 3 tel no.
Multiple recording mode: Non-stop recording, Motion detection recording, schedule recording and event recording.
Image capturing and printing
User Friendly, easy to use

If any inquiry or needs further consultations, please contact Mr Tay kee Lai at 012-7090411 or Mr Ting 012-7076654

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