Door Access System

Door access control is a physical security system that assures the security of a room or building by means of limiting the access to that room or building to specific people and by keeping records of such accesses. It utilizes an individual-authentication method in order to limit access to specific people. The most widespread authentication method for such systems is based on card. Such a system limits room access to only those people who hole an allocated card. However, in the case of card systems, on top of the difficulty in preventing another person from attaining and using a legitimate person’s card, there is the inconvenience of processing lost cards. In the meantime, accompanying the continuing development of fingerprints as the main biometrics method for individual authentication, the practical application of door access control systems utilizing biometric data has begun. Biometrics authentication uses information specific to a person’s body in order to assure a high level of security that makes it difficult for a stranger to impersonate that person.

Access System
  EL1300 - Access and alarm controller  

EL1300 is designed for medium size establishments requiring basic  access and alarm monitoring facilities at low cost, it can function as stand-alone mode, using a PIN entry keypad for programming, or up to 64 units can be networked together and controlled using EsofWIN32, a PC based access management and alarm monitoring software.

  EL2500 - multi-door controller  

EL2500 is an advanced multi-door controller with LAN connectivity capabilities; it is a flexible and scalable system. It can be expanded from a 2-door system to a LAN-based system. The primary controller module provides controls for 2 doors and it can supports up to 4 doors using and extension module. The system can be upgraded to a LAN-based system using an extension module.

  Matrix V - EL5000 Network Integrated access control system  

Why use Access System Instead Of Mechanical

Ease Of use to users
Unauthorized duplication of keys
Dealing with Loss of keys
Keeping track of entries and exits – logging
Restricting entry by time
Locating personnel
Time Attendance

Who Uses Access System?
Commercial – Banker, Offices
Industrial – Factories, Refineries, Warehouses
Institutions – Universities, Government bodies
Utilities – Telecommunications, Water Supply, Electricity supply
Others – Hospital, Airports & Stadiums
  Time Attendance Terminal  

A versatile time recording terminal used in place of standard punch clocks for gathering employee attendance records. It has many advanced built-in features allowing the unit to be used for a variety of other personnel identification and time recording application

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