System Integration (SI)

As IT environments become more & more complex and heterogeneous to maintain, with demands from business and users to meet, how can you meet the demands but at the same time, manage with simplicity your IT infrastructure while reducing your cost in the long run?


Server – Specialized and customized system to provide your business with specific services to your users ranging from Applications, Database, E-mail, File, ERP, Accounting and so on in Windows or Linux platform using HP ProLiant Server Family.

HP ProLiant DL Rack Mount Servers

Ideal for businesses in need of highly efficient, low-risk email, networking, virtualization and messaging solutions.

Discover why businesses around the world rely on HP ProLiant DL rack mount servers for the highest level of efficiency, insight and control. HP rack mount servers deliver decades of engineering and integration experience designed to speed the implementation of new business computing technology.

» Compare HP ProLiant DL rack mount server products

» HP ProLiant DL100 Servers

HP ProLiant DL100 Servers products

Simple, powerful and affordable 2-processor rack mount servers
Suited for SMB & HPC environments and single-tier architectures
Deploy for networking, file-and-print, and shared internet access

» HP ProLiant DL300 Servers

HP ProLiant DL100 Servers products

Versatile, general-purpose 1- 2 processor rack mount servers
Perfect for enterprise data centers and sophisticated SMB environments
Deploy for e-mail and database applications, and front-end network applications

» HP ProLiant DL500 Servers

HP ProLiant DL100 Servers products

Scalable, workhorse 4-processor rack mount servers
Ideal for compute-intensive and mission-critical applications
Messaging platforms, large databases, ERP and CRM applications

» HP ProLiant DL700 Servers

HP ProLiant DL100 Servers products

Highly expandable 8 processor rack mount servers
Delivering leading headroom and flexible expansion
Deploy for large virtualization and consolidation environments

» HP ProLiant DL900 Servers

HP ProLiant DL100 Servers products

Scale-up 8-processor rack mount server
Featuring HP PREMA Architecture
Ideal for data intensive enterprise workloads, including business processing and decision support.

» HP ProLiant DL Multi Node Servers

HP ProLiant DL100 Servers products

Flexible design for integrated solutions
4-in-1 efficiency
Double the density in an industry standard design


HP ProLiant Server Family Guide

We strive to give our customer best consultancy possible with proven solutions that addresses business continuity while cost effective in the long run. Our solutions are LONG TERM, not only meet current demands but also prepare our customer for future expansions when their businesses grow. We grow with our customer.

Our Engineers and Sales team are always on the move searching for the most suitable solutions and up to date with the latest and current technologies to increase our knowledge to serve our customer well. They are MCSE, CCNA, HP, CompTIA+ certified to achieve your vision and goal.

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