Backup & Storage Solution

Backup & Storage – Business data is the most important item in your business whether it’s proposals, financial, accounting or engineering. In the event of data loss, you may not be able continue business to the full. If you are looking for ways to manage your data for your always expanding data, we have solutions that cater your specific environment from Direct-Attached-Storage (DAS), System Area Network (SAN), and Network-Attach-Storage (NAS) with Veritas Backup Software solutions.

  • Define scope of your enterprise-wide needs by department, geography, and disaster recovery requirements
  • Document your environment of data, storage, servers, tape, network infrastructure, and system management processes
  • Identify performance bottlenecks, direct attach storage limitations, redundant copies of data, and islands of data.
  • Customize storage solution consisting of disk capacity, allocation, tape systems, and Storage Area Network (SAN) management software.
  • Provide a SAN fabric with switches, host adapters, bridges, gateways, zoning, LUN masking, and wiring considerations.
  • Offer recommendations that encompass data migration, business applications, system interoperability, technical staffing, and disaster recovery plans.
  • Install and test data storage and SAN components
  • Validate design to ensure that business and performance goals are met

We strive to give our customer best consultancy possible with proven solutions that addresses business continuity while cost effective in the long run. Our solutions are LONG TERM, not only meet current demands but also prepare our customer for future expansions when their businesses grow. We grow with our customer.

Our Engineers and Sales team are always on the move searching for the most suitable solutions and up to date with the latest and current technologies to increase our knowledge to serve our customer well. They are MCSE, CCNA, HP, CompTIA+ certified to achieve your vision and goal.

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