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Flexiteam's Storage Management software solutions help you simplify and automate your storage infrastructure for better management, availability, and utilization of existing storage assets. Our solutions work to ensure your enterprise data stays critical, available, and accessible, providing the resilience and responsiveness required of data storage in today's on-demand business world. Flexiteam expertise spans the full suite of HP Storage Management software, and compliementary software from other leading suppliers.  

HP Storage Manager

HP Storage Manager is designed to provide centralized, automated data protection that can help reduce the risks associated with data loss. Storing backup and archive data, as well as compliance and disaster-recovery data, in a hierarchy of offline storage allows for easy management of inactive data. The software features faster backups and restores by utilizing a revolutionary progressive incremental backup and restore strategy, where only new and used files are backed up. The result is that companies have to back up less data while saving space, money, and time.


HP SAN Volume Controller

The HP System Storage™ SAN Volume Controller (SVC) enables a single point of control for disparate storage resources to help support improved business application availability and greater resource utilization. The objective is to identify all storage resources in your IT infrastructure and to make sure they’re used to the advantage of your business—and do it efficiently, in real time, while avoiding administrative cost.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Combine storage capacity from multiple vendors for centralized management 
  • Increase storage utilization by providing more flexible access to storage assets 
  • Improve administrator productivity by enabling management of pooled storage from a single interface 
  • Enable a tiered storage environment that moves low-activity or inactive data into a hierarchy of lower-cost storage
  • Support data migration between tiers without interruption to applications
  • Apply common network-based copy services across storage systems from multiple vendors 


HP System Storage Virtualization

Designed to help simplify storage infrastructure, optimize storage utilization, and enable business to adapt quickly and dynamically to variable environments.

HP Storage Virtualization

Grid Access Manager

New storage software delivers a virtualized, protected and automated software layer that creates an open, unified enterprise storage and archive system across multiple sites, storage tiers and heterogeneous storage hardware.

HP System Storage Multilevel Grid Access Manager Software

HP TotalStorage Productivity Center

Identify, evaluate, control and predict the growth of data through its lifecyle to meet storage service levels.

HP TotalStorage Productivity Center

Veritas Data Center Solutions

Veritas Data Center solutions simplify complex data center infrastructures by providing critical infrastructure services that support all major operating systems, storage arrays and servers so you can focus on the service you are delivering, not the hardware that delivers it.

Veritas includes a wide range of software solutions including data protection, storage management, server automation, high availability and disaster recovery, and archiving.


Veritas NetBackup

Veritas NetBackup 6.5 delivers high performance data protection that scales to protect the largest UNIX, Windows, Linux and NetWare environments. With complete protection from remote office to data center to vault, NetBackup offers a single console for all backup and recovery operations.

Key Features:

  • Single platform to manage, protect, and recover data across storage tiers, locations, and operating systems.
  • Advanced disk-based data protection features that include data deduplication, new virtual tape library (VTL) controls, support for third-party disk appliances, and more snapshot capabilities.
  • Integrated data protection and recovery for virtual environments, critical applications, databases, and servers.


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